Wednesday, 28 January 2015


And on her dulcimer ---------- Mount Abora
(i) Poem: Kubla Khan
(ii) Poet: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
(i) Occurrence: Lines 40-41/54
(ii) Content: In this poem the poet gives an imaginagy description of a wanderland, Xanadu. It has a pleasure-doom, a sacred river, ancient forests, a wailing woman, a mighty mountain, caves of ice and a damsel singing of mount Abora. 
     In these lines the poet depicts a very romantic scence at Kubla Khan's wanderland, Xanadu. The poet dreamt that a young black woman was standing in this wanderland. She was, in fact, an Abyssinian maid. In her hands, she was holding two light-weight hammers. With these hammers she was palying a musical instrument called dulcimer. The music of this zither was creating a pleasing effect. Moreover, she was singing a melodious song in praise of sacred mountain called Abora. Thus the presence of the young woman, the playing of the musical instrument and the singing of the praise song all add to the beauty and charms of this land.
The hills are alive with the sound of music
With the songs they have sung
                                                      (Oscar Hammertein II)
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